About Us
We're a New York City based digital health startup democratizing access to LGBTQ health & wellness.

Our Vision & Mission

At Queerly Health, we see a near future where all healthcare settings are affirming, supportive, and inclusive spaces for all LGBTQ persons. Bringing this future closer to the present requires we reevaluate the current healthcare paradigm (which has often overlooked the LGBTQ community, leaving us underserved and vulnerable) while  carving out a space for LGBTQ care in Digital Health. Queerly Health is poised to shift this paradigm and redefine the future of care by facilitating and delivering safe, comprehensive, and culturally competent health and wellness services to the LGBTQ community. 

We're a group of LGBTQ individuals creating the future of LGBTQ health. In order to fulfill on our vision, we are synthesizing together teams of thoroughly vetted and highly trained health and wellness providers with advanced communication and cloud technologies. All while taking a patient/client/individual-centered approach, where the the individual is in control of their health and wellness journey.

The Future of LGBTQ Health & Wellness

Vetting + Training
Health and Wellness Providers go through a comprehensive vetting and/or training process to become safe, knowledgeable, knowledgeable providers for LGBTQ persons.
Digital Health
Vetted providers will be invited to join the Queerly Health online marketplace. Individuals may search provider profiles and choose the provider that's right for them.
Concierge Health
Individuals with questions about the Queerly Health platform, their insurance, providers, services, and just about anything else can be assisted by our Concierge Health Team.