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LGBTQ Health Today

50% of LGBTQ people experience discrimination in healthcare settings. Many of which, like 29% of trans people, are denied care by healthcare providers.

The LGBTQ community faces other barriers to accessing health and wellness services in addition to discrimination like cost, location, lack of provider knowledge, and anti-LGBTQ health laws.

These barriers to access lead to LGBTQ specific health disparities like greater risks for contracting STDs, developing cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, mental illness, and more.

Why Digital Health?

Digital Health, like Telehealth and Mobile Health, has the ability to work around barriers to accessing healthcare.

Digital Health increases access, is around a quarter of the cost of in clinic visits, produces high user satisfaction, and facilitates better user outcomes. All while delivering the same quality of care, in less time.

At Queerly Health, we're leveraging Digital Health to get around barriers (like discrimination, lack of provider knowledge, and location) to bridge the gap between LGBTQ people and health and wellness.

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